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Host Potter's Web Sites

• Linda Christianson: Christianson Pottery.com
• Ani Kasten: Ani Kasten.com
• Guillermo Cuellar: Guillermo Pottery.com
• Jeff Oestreich: Oestreich Pottery.com
• Richard Vincent: Richard Vincent Pottery.com
• Will Swanson: Sunrise MN Pottery.com
• Janel Jacobson: Sunrise MN Pottery.com
• Matt Krousey: M Krousey Ceramics.com

Sites of interest
• Studio Pottery.co.uk: Promoting Studio Ceramics Worldwide
• Archie Bray: ArchieBray.org

Clay Related Businesses and Galleries
AKAR Gallery
Continental Clay Company
Northern Clay Center
Schaller Gallery
The Grand Hand Gallery
Curated Ceramics

Other Pottery Tours
16 Hands Pottery Tour
Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail
Hilltown 6
Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour

Non-Pottery Related Links
• Franconia Sculpture Park: Franconia.org
• Richard Vincent: Creation Light Images
• Cultural Cloth: Cultural Cloth.com
• Janel Jacobson: Carved
  Wood & Porcelain: Janel Jacobson.com


Lost and Found


Linda Christianson
(651) 257-2374


Present and Past Guest Potters

• Amanda Dobbratz: Amanda Dobbratz.com
• Bill Gossman: Gossman Pottery.com
• Bruce Dehnert: Bruce Dehnert Blogspot.com
• Connee Mayeron: Mayeron-Cowles.com
• Craig Edwards: Woodfiredpottery.blogspot.com
• D. Hayne Bayless: Sideways Studio.com
• Dan Finnegan: Dan Finnegan Pottery.com
• David Pinto: Jamaicaclay.com
• Dick Cooter: Cooter Pottery.com
• Donna Polseno: Donna Polseno.com
• Elisa Helland-Hansen: elisahh.no
• Ellen Grenadier: Grenadier Pottery.com
• Ellen Shankin: Ellen Shankin .com
• Ernest Miller: Ernest Miller.com
• Hannah McAndrew: Hanna McAndrew.com
• Ikuzi Teraki & Jeanne Bisson: Romulus Craft.com
• Jane Shellenbarger: Jane Shellenbarger.com
• Jan McKeachie Johnston: McKeachie/Johnston Studios.com
• Jason Trebs: Jason Trebs Pottery.com
• Jenny Mendes: Jenny Mendes.com
• John Glick: Plum Tree Pottery.com
• Jo Severson: Jo Severson Stoneware.com
• Josh DeWeese: JoshDeWeese.com
• Julia Galloway: JuliaGalloway.com
• Karin Kraemer: DuluthPottery.com
     A video about Karin:  >> Click Here <<
• Kat Wheeler: Kat Wheeler info
• Kent McLaughlin: Fork Mountain Pottery.com
• Kip O'Krongly: Kip O'Krongly.com
• Kristin Pavelka: Kristin Pavelka.com
• Kyle Carpenter: Carpenter Pottery.com
• Laurie Shaman: Laurie Shaman.com
• Lisa Buck: Lisa Buck Pottery.com
• Liz Pechachek: Liz Pechacek.com
• Liz Quackenbush: Liz Quackenbush.com
• Maren Kloppmann: Maren Kloppmann-MNartists.org
• Margaret Bohls: Margaret Bohls.com
• Mark Shapiro: Stone Pool Pottery.com
• Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish: Bandanapottery.com
• Mike Helke: Mike Helke.com
• Pat Burns & Andy Balmer: Fernhill Pottery.net
• Peter Jadoonath: Peter Jadoonath.com
• Randy Johnston: Mckeachie/Johnston Studios.com
• Richard Hensley: Richard Hensley Pottery.com
• Robert Brady: Trax gallery.com
• Robert Briscoe: Robert Briscoe.com
• Roelof Uys: Leach Pottery
• Ryan Greenheck: Ryan J Greenheck.com
• Sam Taylor: Dog Bar Pottery.com
• Sandra Byers: The Byers Studio.com
• Sandi Simon: Trax gallery.com
• Shoko Teruyama: Shoko Teruyama.com
• Silvie Granatelli: Silvie Granatelli.com
• Simon Levin: SimonLevin.com
• Stephen Mickey: Stephen Mickey Blogspot.com
• Steven Hill: Steven Hill Pottery.com
• Steven Young Lee: StevenYoungLee.com
• Steven Rolf: SCRolfpotter.com
• Sue Tirrell: Sue Tirrell.com
• Suze Lindsay: Fork Mountain Pottery.com
• Tom Turner: Tom Turner Porcelain.com
• Winthrop Byers: The Byers Studio.com



Interviews and Video by the
American Craft Council

Stories Potters Tell: Clay and Community in the St. Croix Valley, by Jessica Shaykett

Interviews: >> A Measure of the Earth: an Oral History of the Potters of the St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota <<

Video from the 2014 Tour: >> Video <<


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Press and Media:
2018 Press Release:  Click here for Press Release

Press Packet available: Press Release PDF, and four images for print with captions.
Contact Janel Jacobson for the Press Packet or for specific images found on the 2018 web site. 
Phone: (651) 674-4555

Studio Potter:
• The Studio Potter - Magazine The Studio Potter
Click here to view an editorial page from Studio Potter.
Click here to read: A Take On The Tour by Ryan Strobel
Links are provided with permission from Studio Potter Magazine

2010 St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour Slide Show
The potters enjoyed taking The Tour together one day before the show was open to the public. To view the slide show of our tour day and additional photos from the weekend click the image below:


Lonely Pine - Paul Domsten

   Lonely Pine - Paul Domsten 

2010 St. Criox Valley Pottery Tour Slide Show
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