Minnesota Potters of the Upper Saint Croix River Studio Tour and Sale
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Wayne Branum Wayne Branum Wayne Branum

I share a studio with Mark Pharis near Roberts, WI. Mark and I have shared an intense love of pots since beginning clay work as students in 1967 at the University of Minnesota. Mark is also a participant in this tour at another location.

“My ceramic work began with and is rooted in utilitarian pottery.  The work continues to evolve from Asian and American traditional pottery forms, to forms influenced by architecture and the human form. I have always been captivated by the possibility of a felt language, interpreting,
or expressing ideas to others through visional means and touch. Representing and sharing what impacted and impressed me on the paths of life is a goal for me.

I have also practiced architecture since 1991,
as a principal with SALA Architects, Inc. since 1996,
and as “emeritus principal” since 2014.

Wayne Branum
449 Valleyview Rd
Roberts, WI 54023

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