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Steven Rolf Steven Rolf Steven Rolf

As a potter, I make one of a kind functional objects that are meant to be used daily.  I have made a study of making objects that fit one's hand and hopefully engage the users eye, head, and heart as well.  My work celebrates the common daily routine of eating, drinking, storing and pouring.

 Beautiful objects have the power to trigger thoughts and emotions.  Interesting and beautiful clay pots do this for me because they are made of mud, and mud leaves a trail and a record of the makers touch capturing his or her ideas at the moment of making.  Pots additionally deal with containment.  This containment relates to use, the body, volume, space and even containment of ideas as metaphor.

My work employs the physical process of layering which describes a sense of growth of the pot, both inward and outward.  The addition and subtraction of the material leave a record of time in the work.  To me, layering of wet clay over leather-hard clay is similar to the transformation of a landscape, such as an eroding riverbed.

As a maker of one-of-a-kind functional objects, I use the premise that I transmit feeling through the subtle touch in working.  My hope is that my pots will be used frequently by those who bring them into their homes. My hope is also that the user will bring their own creativity to the pot in how they use it, allowing them to build their own connections between the beautiful and the daily routine.


Steven Rolf
115 Lewis St. N.
River Falls, WI    54022
(715) 426-7367

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