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Sandra Byers Sandra Byers Sandra Byers

The ridged curl of a dry hibiscus leaf
The closely veined surface of a gladiolus corm
The gills of a forest mushroom illuminated by a shaft of sunlight
The many textured blooms of a coral garden
The time etched ripples of a Yosemite rock face
The sparkle of fresh, dry snow
The many twists of a curled rubber band

They amaze, fascinate, and inspire me. Lines and shapes in nature flow gracefully while maintaining a feeling of tension. Forms and surfaces are unified. In porcelain, I am trying to catch the delicacy as well as the strength of nature’s details. Those small details do not shout but still deserve our attention. Like the walls of a shell or the petals of a flower, translucent porcelain forms come to life in the sunlight. I am not trying to recreate nature but only capture a feeling, hoping to stimulate those who see my work to stop for a moment and observe the richness of the world around them.


Sandra Byers
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Rock Springs, WI 53961
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