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Roelof Uys

Roelof Uys

Roelof Uys

Roelof Uys is the lead potter at Leach Pottery where he designs and oversees the production of the Standard Ware range. Born in South Africa, Roelof moved to the UK in 1998 where he worked as a studio potter in St. Ives, Cornwall until taking up his current position in 2013.

“Experience keeps a hard school but we shall learn in no other.” These words, reportedly uttered by a bystander upon the opening of one of the first kilns ever fired at the Leach Pottery, are still appropriate as a motto for all of us who work in this tradition. Every potter knows that behind that kiln door lays the fruits of their labor, a final judgment of their craftsmanship, temperament, and perseverance.


Roelof Uys
Leach Pottery
Higher Stennack
St. Ives, Cornwall
England TR26 2HE

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