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Randy Johnston Randy Johnston Randy Johnston

As an artist I am engaged in tracking down a primary moment, a moment that reveals vulnerability, emotion, intellect, the conscious and subconscious. Seeking to transform that moment into artistic creation compels me.

My work has specific modern connotations and addresses the development of abstraction within the aesthetic of utilitarian objects. My pursuit is to enlarge the boundaries of conventional perceptions and enable new methods of communication and combination. The work considers the relationship of architectural structure and spatial orientation. Many of the pieces suggest through their framework both an internal and external boundary system. Connecting these systems and identifying the dualities and the metaphoric potential of a form's austere directness, aggressiveness, and simplicity are challenges to be considered with each piece. Essential to a strong representation of each form is a feeling for its overall spatial structure. Moreover, the surface textures and marks are not an afterthought, but a tangible component of completion and fulfillment.

The use of proportion, texture, and gestural marks involves intense energy and instinctive levels of identification, which leads to an evocative spatial presence in the work. My desire to grant these pieces the aura of ritual objects is an attempt to reconcile objective reality with my own spiritual reality.


Randy Johnston
N8336-690th St
River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 425-5596

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