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Peter Jadoonath Peter Jadoonath Peter Jadoonath

Drawing and animation is the foundation of my art making life. I am quite shy at my core and drawing is a method for me to interpret the world and my life experiences.  I enjoy the challenge of making pottery shapes that act as a vehicle for me to express these ideas. I aim to animate these shapes with embedded stories, and pattern. What keeps me going is not a single act of inspiration, but more so just the act of going out to the studio and working.  Although, I am inspired by things that are often quiet and consistent within daily life: things such as manhole covers, music, tools, textiles, traversing, leverage, labor, language, learning,  hair styles, and horizon lines. It’s an eclectic interpretation of life, which I imagine is fairly simple and similar for all of us.

Making comfortable, sturdy, and engaging stoneware pottery shapes with soft surfaces is what excites me most. Drawing and embedding  subtle pattern and imagery is how I animate the shapes and surfaces into a unified story.


Peter Jadoonath
30208 Tern Avenue
Shafer, MN 55074
(651) 307-0758

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