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Naomi Dalglish Naomi Dalglish Naomi Dalglish

We make our pots using primarily coarse, impure local materials.  Our pots are thrown on a slow turning Korean-style kick wheel, and the large jars are made using a traditional Korean paddle and anvil technique.  We then fire the pots in a large, Thai-shaped wood kiln.  Through this collaboration with powerful materials and processes, we hope to create an environment in which pots can be born with a beauty beyond what is possible with our own hands.  Beginning with the geologic processes that form the coarse red clay, passing through our hands and kiln, the life of these pots is continued through years of daily use. 

  Naomi Dalglish & Michael Hunt

Naomi Dalglish & Michael Hunt
3385 NC 80
Bakersville, NC 28705
(828) 688-5977


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