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Mark Pharis
Mark Pharis Mark Pharis

Functional pots have been a source of curious and engaging problems for many years.  I suspect it is because the nature of pots is multi-faceted and patiently unfolds over time. Use and its connection to the domestic environment constitute the framework and context in which I understand my work. The themes provided by utility are enduring and familiar – vases, cups, teapots, plates, etc.  These objects signify a long and list of concerns embodied by pots; interactivity, materiality, chemistry, metaphor, social and cultural context, relationships to "fine art", and function as "idea” etc.  The relationship between daily activity, domestic life, and the remarkable experiences found in the studio, are constant teachers. 


Mark Pharis
1166 Coulee Trail
Roberts, WI 54023
(715) 425-1597

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