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Liz Quackenbush Liz Quackenbush Liz Quackenbush

Over time I’ve developed a non-hierarchical vocabulary of imagistic inventions that embrace the salient features of many stylistic languages. In the midst of these I’ve found that it is my profound and personal immersion in nature that allows me to discover oddly familiar truths in each. I believe that I’m able to move between these languages easily, and without affectation, because the visceral realities of the natural world exist for all of us equally and may, if one is able to embrace them fully, serve as an interpretive bridge of great depth and resonance. Embellished functional pottery forms remind people of their proximity to the remarkable world of plants and animals.


Liz Quackenbush
234 Elm Street
State College, PA 16801
(814) 359-4327

Liz Quackenbush.com

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