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Elizabeth Pechacek

Elizabeth Pechacek Elizabeth Pechacek

My work is concerned with the making of meaningful objects. I am fascinated by the burst of energy that finds a new form, and inspired by the calm obsession required to winnow that shape into the most ideal proportions. I then apply color and line to the surface of an object in a playful re-examination of the original idea.  This process of invention, perfection and appraisal charges a cup, bowl, or sculpture with a vibration which can create a positive disruption in usual patterns of living. If I can create and share something unexpected through this exploration, then I feel that my objects can be of use.
The implied expectation of interaction with pottery is deeply ingrained in our culture, making this medium a perfect vehicle for my work. My desire to sculpt comes directly from within the patterns of my work as a potter. I do not think I can do one without the other, for each experiment fuels the next in a studio practice of perpetual motion without conclusion.


Liz Pechacek
5104 43rd Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Liz Pechacek.com

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