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Kip O'Krongly Kip O'Krongly Kip O'Krongly

I use functional pots as a vehicle to set tables with colorful visual stories.  Through everyday ceramic pieces I can subtly, and even a little subversively, explore my interest in issues surrounding food production, energy use, and climate change.

Through my ceramic work I enjoy the process of visually wrestling with contemporary issues on beautiful daily-use objects – creating functional art that by its very nature compels repeated scrutiny. I work with earthenware clay, slips, underglazes and sgraffito to create colorful pieces that offer a space for joyful daily reflection.  I hope with regular rotation of these pots through everyday moments, users will peel back the layers of my pots, open dialog with those who share their tables and explore how the present can influence our collective future.


Kip O'Krongly
34 Fareway Drive
Northfield, MN 55057
(201) 572-0784

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