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Kent McLaughlin Kent McLaughlin Kent McLaughlin

Most of my work is made on a potter’s wheel, using stoneware and porcelain clay. My glaze palette includes traditional celadons, shinos, iron reds and warm yellows, I decorate using textural roping techniques, as well as wax patterning between layers of glazes. The pots are ‘fired’ to 2380 degrees F. in a reduction kiln. The influence of early Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ceramics is reflected in my work.   Those cultures seem to have found balance between function and beauty.  My intention is to make pottery that is pleasant to look at and enjoyable to use.

I draw inspiration from the simple act of making. Satisfaction is derived from using my hands to form on the potter’s wheel, extrude components to construct forms and making slab of clay to build objects that would will earn a place in your kitchen cabinets.


Kent McLaughlin
1782 Fork Mountain
Bakersville, NC 28705

(828) 688-9297

Fork Mountain Pottery

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