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Karin Kraemer Karin Kraemer Karin Kraemer

I love being part of a long line of potters that have reflected our cultures through the pots we use. I want to participate in real life by supplying art for the table. Sharing food and appreciating what we have in this life is being human; potters do it with art.

I make Maiolica functional pots and tiles that are meant to celebrate the day and are decorated with colorful, loose brushwork. I draw from every day scenes and objects for my imagery. Capturing the color and movement of the moment is my aim…whether it’s the flowers in my garden trembling in a slight breeze, or playing with the patterns found in nature. The challenge of marrying decoration to the form drives me to keep experimenting. The motifs are the vehicle for exploration of color and composition. I keep the forms simple, both to provide canvases for the painting and for easy use at the table.  I want the plates and bowls to stack well and the handles must fit comfortably in the hand. 

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