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Josh DeWeese Josh DeWeese Josh DeWeese

I make pottery which begins with a wheel thrown form that is altered, assembled and coaxed into existence, painted with slips, glazes using local materials, and finished in a high temperature, salt/soda glazed wood-firing.   I am interested in how pots can be used to bring art into our lives, enhancing our experience with food, adorning our homes, and providing a necessary ritual to nourish our soul and mind as well as our bodies.

I am inspired and challenged by the art of pottery and strive to make work that is successful on multiple levels. I want my pots to be well designed and offer the invitation of utility; to be rich with ceramic wonder, and seductive to behold; and to have reference to history and the field of ceramic art to spark the imagination.

I am drawn to the beauty and mystery of high temperature ceramics and the element of chance that occurs in the firing, in the subtle qualities of raw clays and the vibrant depths of a opaque glaze breaking into transparency. I have a passion for painting with ceramic materials on a three-dimensional form, and having the rhythm of the pattern/image unfold as it moves around the pot.


Josh DeWeese
2513 Magenta Rd
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 431-5521

Josh Deweese.com

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