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Jason Trebs Jason Trebs Jason Trebs

I try to make pots that are comfortable and interesting. I want the making of each pot to take its own direction but still relate to the ones that were made before and after it. I think this happens more as a result of enthusiasm and intuition than calculated design. I know what a pot’s shape, size, and intended use will be, but once the making process begins there are many subconscious, quickly made decisions that create possibilities for direction. It’s not a thought out process but more of a gut reaction.

My pots are created using a slab roller and a potter’s wheel. They are layered with a range of simple glazes that provide durable water–tight and food safe surface. They are all functional and intended to be used on a daily basis.


Jason Trebs
992 Topping St.
Saint Paul, MN 55103
(651) 366-1413


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