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Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson

Pottery making was my first, and enduring love.  My return to making pots full time in 2016 after a twenty-year deep affair with carving small wood sculptures has been a remarkably interesting period of growth for me.  Studio ceramics has changed and blossomed a great deal since I began making pottery in 1970 and carving porcelain from the mid 1980’s to 1995.  There is so much more to learn and to try!

I currently enjoy using porcelain clay while making useful pots, and continue to pursue developing forms that may be gently reshaped, carved and textured to be enhanced with celadon glazes; or to serve as a canvas for active, responsive carbon trapping glazes.

Recently I have been actively testing celadon glaze variations and other porcelain-like clay bodies.  I use a grolleg-based clay and plan to explore various color shades with a base celadon glaze.  A recent acquisition of a 20 cubic foot gas downdraft gas kiln will facilitate more frequent testing cycles so that inspiration may grow from the new results.  

Janel Jacobson
41421 Ferry Road
(in Sunrise)
Harris, MN 55032
(651) 674-4555

Sunrise MN Pottery.com 
Janel Jacobson.com 
Showroom by appointment.

Sunrise Pottery
1975 to present - is in its 44th year in Sunrise, Minnesota

Will Swanson and I share this studio.

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