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Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson

The joy of using pots every day goes hand in hand with my loving to make useful pots for others to embrace in their daily lives.  Current work focuses primarily on wheel-throwing using porcelain clay, and occasionally using stoneware clay, to make useful wares such as drinking vessels, bowls, plates and an assortment of pots that can be used in the kitchen for food preparation and serving.  

The feel and the smell of clay, the beauty of wet pots, the variety of glaze results, and the making of new forms are all a part of why pottery-making is a compelling life pursuit for me.  Knowing that others enjoy using those pots makes it all even better.

Sunrise Pottery
1975 to present - is in its 43rd year in Sunrise, Minnesota

Will Swanson and I share this studio.

Will & Janel

Janel Jacobson
41421 Ferry Road
(in Sunrise)
Harris, MN 55032
(651) 674-4555

Janel Jacobson.com

Showroom by appointment.

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