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Jeanne Bisson & Ikuzi Teraki Jeanne Bisson & Ikuzi Teraki Jeanne Bisson & Ikuzi Teraki

Romulus Craft is about relationships. Relationships between two distinctt individuals from two different cultures, between nature and time, between control and spontaneous reaction. Our tableware is all handcrafted from Teraki’s own porcelain recipe, slip-oxides stains and a glaze. Ikuzi Teraki, a native from Kyoto, Japan does the throwing, trimming and carving while Jeanne Bisson, a native from Vermont, does the hand building, pinch and slab work. Together we share the many other varied and numerous aspects of maintaining our studio with one goal: to continue.


Ikuzi Teraki & Jeanne Bisson / Romulus Craft
8495 VT RTE 110
Washington, VT 05675
(802) 685-3869

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